Why Rent Radios

Generally speaking, the decision whether to rent or buy radios is a fairly easy one. Simply consider whether in the normal operation of your business you want to provide the financial and operational capital to own, program, maintain, service, and manage an inventory of radios that also require FCC licenses. You should also consider whether your need for radios is frequent and long-term. And you may want to factor in obsolescence (the possible phasing-out of the radio models you intend to purchase).

Renting provides a number of distinct advantages. When you rent, you get a team of experts who will program, maintain, replace, and manage the exact radio that meets your current need. When you rent, you only pay for the number of days that you actually use the radio. Renting removes issues with FCC licensing and obsolescence as well as limiting capital requirements, not to mention the operational headaches that ownership can create.

Whether you wish to rent or buy, United Radio Rentals is the go-to company.we help you succeed concept

The advantages of renting a radio from United Radio Rentals include:

  • Comprehensive Pricing. United Radio Rentals delivers, services, and repairs all of its radios with marvelous speed and efficiency. Our phone crew and technicians are on-call 24/7, and we provide 24/7 on-site service at any location. These benefits are automatically included in your comprehensive rental price. Our combination of top-quality products and always-available service, all combined under a single comprehensive rental price, minimizes loss and maximizes productivity
  • Practicality. For businesses that only use radios occasionally, renting is cheaper and more practical in the long run than investing in permanent ownership.
  • Service Guarantee. Given the fact that most radios in the industrial maintenance and construction industry are used in rough conditions, you will encounter the need for service. This is where United Radio Rentals stands out from the pack. Other companies may rent the same products but none of them matches our service.
  • Technical Support. The maintenance and servicing of radios – cleaning them, diagnosing them, repairing them, etc. – can get quite complicated and technical. When you rent from United Radio Rentals, you do away with the need to pay a third party to perform this vital function. With United Radio Rentals, you rent not only a radio but the comprehensive, on-site, 24/7 technical support that’s necessary to keep the radio – and your business – running like it should.
  • Expert Staff. United Radio Rentals’ technicians are highly trained professionals. They possess the expertise to make sure United Radio Rentals’ radios are in prime condition.
  • Quality Assurance. All of United Radio Rentals’ rental radios come with the company’s assurance of top quality.
  • Peace of Mind. At United Radio Rentals we remove hassles and headaches to provide a complete communication solution, improving your productivity and helping you to bring your projects to completion more cheaply, quickly, and effectively.